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PD(powerdown bit) set in SRDS1_B1GCRn0

Question asked by Yuchi Kuo on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by Yuchi Kuo

We assigned  protocol (0x16) to configure the lanes for PCIe with SerDes on the QorIQ configuration tools. The bit settings in RCW to control the power-down are correct, and we can see the bank 1 (where the PCIe lands use) is powered. However I noticed that PD bit was set SRDS1_B1GCRn0 for lane C of Bank1, and PD bit was not set for lane D. My question is that why the Power-down bit is set in the SRDS1_B1GCRn0? Even thought the lane was not set to power-down in the RCW? If I attempt to clear the PD bit, will that put the lane in power-up state?