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Sent NLDE-Data.request, but received MacData.indication. Why

Question asked by freshmango90 on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by freshmango90

I sent a NLDE-Data.request but somehow received MacData.indication. Here's the case:

  • I used NLDE-Data.request to send 0x12 0x34 over the air from COORDINATOR to ROUTER
  • ROUTER receives this messages, I can see this in NLDE-Data.indication with message 0x12 0x34
  • Then, I do the same thing back from ROUTER to COORDINATOR. (NLDE-Data.request to send 0x43 0x21)
  • COORDINATOR receives this, and I see this in MacData.indication with message 0x43 0x21


Why? Should I have not received that in NLDE-Data.indication? How do I keep this in NLDE-Data.indication?