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NXP PCA9614 - power sequencing / powering VDD(A) only

Question asked by Angus Gratton on Mar 28, 2016

When using PCA9614, is it OK to apply power to VDD(A) but not VDD(B)? I couldn't find power sequencing requirements in the datasheet.


The specific situation I'm wondering about is:


If VDD(A) is +5V and EN is asserted (also to +5V), can VDD(B) be left unpowered?

  • In this situation are the SDA & SCL pins Hi-Z? (ie can other i2c devices connected to these pins continue to function?)
  • In this situation will the VDD(B) pin ever source current and parasitically power other parts of the circuit?


  • Is any of this different if the EN pin is driven low instead?


Thank you.