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Using FRDM-K66F with Segger Jlink and JTAG on J9

Question asked by petec20 on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by petec20

I'm considering buying a Freedom FRDM-K66F development platform but want to use it with a Segger Jlink & JTAG rather than SWD. In the FRDMK66FUG user manual (pages 7,8 & 19) it details how to cut the SWD lines bridged by J8 & J12 but looking at the J9 programming connector it seems to lack a TDI connection and a pin9 GND connection to make it into a standard JTAG connector.


So my question is this:


After cutting the SWD signals do I need to connect TDI to pin8, and another ground to pin 9 for the Segger J-link to work correctly? I'm wondering why these signals are not connected anyway, and left unconnected.