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If you know you have codewarrior issues, why not fix them?

Question asked by Gerald Harris on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by Alice_Yang

I would like to have a working copy of codewarrior installed to work with a dragon12-light



MC9S12DG256 processor in less than the 3 weeks I have invested so far.  When I open codewarrior 5.9, I would like to see that processor supported.


When I make a phone call to Freescale (that tells me to send an email to I would like a reply telling me that 64 bit OS are not supported...or any reply at all for that matter.


When I buy the small engine kit to learn, I would like the BDM adapter to work on a 64 bit OS, without spending more hours finding out that the included USB to BDM adapter is no longer supported, and that no one has published current drivers for it for years- when I by the dragon board I would like to not have to spend  hours finding out that CW5.1 is required- then spend hours trying to get the licenses and installation incorporated so I can find out that codewarrior 5.1 will basically not work with most windows 64 bit systems, and won't even install.