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problem with sleep mode

Discussion created by deepak chandra on Mar 25, 2016

Dear sir ,

We are working with s12zvl32 controller ,in this we are required sleep mode (power saving mode or stop command )from LIN frame and wake up from LIN as well as

With API (periodical interrupt ). As I have attached code in this mail. In this code I have implemented API, watchdog and stop mode .

1.       When my code first time run if there is no LIN command it goes to sleep .after that it will wake up from LIN – working fine

2.       It is working fine with API alone .it will wake up and goes to sleep ok  .



1.Now when I have send the wake up command from LIN it will wake up and next time before going to sleep it goes reset the controller   and then goes to sleep .

2.After removing watch dog it does not goes to sleep mode after wake up  and reset the controller sometime .


I don’t know why it is going to reset ,please suggest me is there any problem with stack ,clock,vector table  ,or any other register setting .

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