Atul Kini

MC13213 STOP3 Mode current requirements

Discussion created by Atul Kini on Feb 22, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2009 by Mohammed Imran Choudhary
I am using MC13213 chip for one of our projects. We are using STOP3 mode with RTI enabled internal clock for the MCU sleep functionality and we put modem in hibernate mode. I am putting all the unused pins as inputs with Pull Up enable. The operating voltage is 3.0V in this case.
Now, I measured the sleep current for the above sleep functionality and i found it is every time more than 400 micro amps and varies till 615 micro amps depending on the room temperature. But when i read through the data sheet MC1321xRM it shows that the combined current can not be more than say 2 micro amps.
So please suggest me how can i achive the current as low as say 10 micro amps during the sleep mode( as said STOP3 with modem hibernate).