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MPC5748G FlexCAN configuration (non CANFD usage)

Question asked by Aleksandar Vinchev on Mar 24, 2016
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I need strong advice regarding FlexCAN configuration. Preferably from someone, experienced in configuring such module.

I have read thoroughly reference manual in FlexCAN part (Chapter 43), but I cannot bet that I've understood it at 100%, counting that there are many possible different configurations. I've also made some tests and few different configurations.

It seems I have no problem with transmission, but I have huge problems with reception.


My use case is the following:

1. MB0 - MB3 are used for transmission (either standard ID and/or extended ID frames).

2. MB4-MB63 (CUT0) or MB4-MB95(CUT1) are used for reception (either standard ID and/or extended ID frames). Idea is to catch ALL incoming frames, regardless of their ID or type - standard or extended.

3. RXFIFO should NOT be used.



1. Is it possible to configure FlexCAN to achieve this behavior?

2. How I should configure mask/id pairs in order to receive any message on the CAN network (first message goes to the first MB in RX EMPTY state)? It is allowable to receive STD ID frames to (let say) MB4-MB15 and EXT ID to MB16-MB63/MB95.

3. Is it possible to use global masking in this scenario, or there should be individual masking for each MB?


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