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Non-functional RTCS part of IAR/MQX debugger plug-in

Question asked by FRED WEDEMEIER on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by FRED WEDEMEIER

I'm using the MQX debugger plug-in with MQX 4.2 and IAR Workbench 7.50.3.The "MQX" part works great, the "RTCS" part reports "RTCS Data is not currently valid." This is the case with the K60 Tower kit board, the FRDMK64 board, and a product prototype.

The RTCS component does work on untouched network demo code, so apparently  there's something different or not right in what I'm doing.

  • Libs are rebuilt with minor user_config.h changes which enable/disable different peripheral drivers and change console comm port.
  • No changes to RTCS config file.
  • Examined as-delivered user_config.h looking for relevant incantation.
  • Examined demo app source looking for relevant incantation.
  • Examined demo project options looking for relevant incantation.
  • Searched the MQX and RTCS docs for guidance.

I'm out of ideas... Suggestions/fixes???