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i.MX53 SRTC state machine stucked at initialization state

Question asked by torus1000 on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Bio_TICFSL



We sometimes faced initialization failure/stuck_at_#1 of SRTC, even code was same as WEC7 BSP for i.MX53QSB.

#0 IES=0, NVES=0, STATE_LP=00  //initailization state

#1 IES=1, NVES=0, STATE_LP=00   <== stuck HERE!

#2 IES=1, NVES=0, STATE_LP=01  //non-valid state

#3 IES=1, NVES=1, STATE_LP=10  //valid state

According to the manual, SRTC state machine will exit from initialization/no-valid state by setting IE/NVE bit of LPSR respectively.


Why our board sometimes didn't exit from #1 in spite of IES=1?


I checked SRTC errata but new silicon already fixed it.

I found Fig.72-5 which described that state machine hold current state if SystemPOR asserted but I think SystemPOR always negated before IE set.


Is there any other reasons to stuck at #1?  Anyone can help me?