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imx6, SoloX: question on modifying config file for MfgTool

Question asked by Bruce Parker on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by igorpadykov


I'm investigating how to modify the qspi-onor-micron-n25q256a-config file to use with our custom board, which is based on the Sabre SoloX eval board.

The difference is we are using a single Flash chip attached to QSPI1 port, while the Sabre uses two Flash chips attached to the QSPI2 port.

In the config file, I see the following:

8000000   /*sflash_A1_size=size in byte(hex)*/
0   /*sflash_A2_size=size in byte(hex)*/
8000000   /*sflash_B1_size=size in byte(hex)*/
0   /*sflash_B2_size=size in byte(hex)*/

Since the Sabre uses QSPI2, I would have expected these entries to be on the A2 and B2 lines (not the A1, B1 lines)

So question is: do the lines above in the config file correspond to the QSPI ports?

If they do, what is the mapping?

If not, what do the lines represent? Just generic flash devices?


And of course, for my application with a single, 256Mbit device on QSPI1A port what should the lines above be changed to?


Also assuming I need to change the sflash_type to a 1. Correct?