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MX6 Dual Lite SABRE AI CPU Card PMIC Confusion

Question asked by Scott Kerstein on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by Yuri Muhin



There is some confusion from what the MX6DL SABRE AI CPU Card schematics indicates as the recommended PMIC P/N and what the PMIC datasheet states:


Schematic (sch-27767_a_x3.pdf) and BOM (BOM-27767_A.xlsb) indicates using MMPF0100F0ZES, which has rev'd to MMPF0100F0AZES per the PMIC datasheet.


However, the PMIC datasheet (Rev. 9.0, 12/2015) recommends using the "NP" version of the part if using the MCIMX6DLAICPU1 reference design.  This contradicts the AI schematic which states "F0" should be used.


From the MMPF0100Z datasheet:



From MCIMX6DLAICPU1 schematic:



What is the recommended PMIC for MCIMX6U6AVM08AC?


Thank you in advance!