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Sensor Fusion 5.0 K22F example project not working

Question asked by Daniel Nagy on Mar 24, 2016

Dear Support and Forum Members,


I have some trouble making the Sensor Fusion library work on my FRDM-K22F board. The 5.0 version of the library has two types of example projects for the K22F: MQXLite and "Bare Board". The Bare Board version compiles and runs fine, but not the MQXLite variant. Here is what happens:

- When I import the example project to Kinetis Design Studio, no debug configuration appears to that project. For any other project I create or import, there is a corresponding debug configuration, but not for the K22F MQXLite Sensor Fusion example project, which is strange. This way, I cannot run (debug) the project by default.

- If I create a debug configuration on my own, the project compiles and is uploaded to the board. However, it does not run properly: it either 'crashes' immediately (gets stuck with PE_DEBUGHALT() or in dispatch.s) or I just see the red LED lit on the board.

- I have discovered that in the source file 'drivers.h', the I2C address for the FXOS8700 sensor is wrong: it is 0x1E instead of 0x1C. I have changed this and recompiled, but the same issue persist.


Could you please advise me on this issue? Here is some additional information:

- I have not changed the board or the example project in any way except for correcting the sensor's I2C address in 'drivers.h'.

- I have tested the project with two instances of the K22F board, but same issue with both of them.

- The Bare Board version of the library works fine.

- I have previously ported the 4.22 version of the library to the K22F board and that works fine.

- KDS version: 3.2

- I use simple USB connection with OpenOCD to debug.


At this point I am pretty clueless as I expected the example project to have been tested and to work fine. Any guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your help!


Thanks and regards