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MKW24D512 Conceptual Design Questions

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Mar 24, 2016
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For a custom board, we are designing a ZigBee solution using MKW24D512 along with iMX6Q. I have some basic questions and would be glad if someone can answer them.


1. Does MKW24D512 come with the ZigBee stack built into it? If not what is the way to load the zigbee stack into MKW24D512?


2. Which are the minimum pins that should be connected in order to load the stack into MKW24D512? Does it use SPI or UART to load it in?


3. Can I take USB_KW2XHWRM connections as a direct referrence when designing the setup I mentioned, except for the power section? Which com port is the default one for communication with the device? I see SPI and UART are shared so I guess obviously one of them should be the default?


Thanks in advance.