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Make the secure u-boot image for NAND with i.MX6 SoloX

Question asked by Samuel Park on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Hello all,



Customer is trying to make secure u-boot image for NAND with i.MX6 SoloX.


in file include/configs/mx6sx_arm2.h, add



rebuild u-boot.

make mx6x_17x17_arm2_nand_defconfig

make -j4


The generated u-boot.imx is not booted on customer board.


So I changed the CONFIG_CSF_SIZE from 0x4000 to 0x400.

The generated u-boot image is booted.


The booted image and not booted image is in difference at image size field in below Boot Data area.

The difference is 0x3C00(0x4000 - 0x400).




The secure u-boot image for QSPI and SD is booted on i.mx6solox sabresd board.

Could you please let me know if you have any comments?


Thanks in advance.