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get CW for HCS12X to use Hardware division

Question asked by Mario Rauscher on Feb 22, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by Mario Rauscher
Im trying to divide a signed 32bit integer by a singned 16bit integer and want to have a signed 16bit bit result.
like this:

sint32 multiplic;
sint16 divisor;

result = multiplic / divisor;
the compiler always generates code with a call of the subroutine _LDIVS instead of using the EDIVS instruction.

74: result = multiplic / divisor;00d8 fc0000 [3] LDD divisor00db b74d [1] SEX D,X00dd 3b [2] PSHD 00de 34 [2] PSHX 00df fc0000 [3] LDD multiplic:200e2 b765 [1] TFR Y,X00e4 160000 [4] JSR _LDIVS00e7 7c0000 [3] STD result

Is there any way to get the compiler to use the Hardware division instead of this Software version?

Thanks in advance.