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About 5748G UART interrupt

Question asked by Xinwei Chang on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2016 by Xinwei Chang

I have written a uart polling receive demo on 5748G, and now want to use receive interrupt.

Previously in the main function there is:





The demo works well on PC,  if I send 5748G a byte, I can receive it back.

Then I and this to the initialize function:

LINFlexD_2.LINIER.B.DTIE = 1;     /* Enable UART2 TX Interrupt */

LINFlexD_2.LINIER.B.DRIE=1;       /* Enable UART2 RX Interrupt*/

It is said that this will enable an interrupt when uart2 receives message. If I don't add a interrupt function, the chip will enter a while(1) loop when interrupt occurs, right? But this is not the case since the polling function still works, and I can still receive a message when I send it on PC.