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Which kernel to use for imx6?

Question asked by Randy Silagi on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Nelson Lin


I am kinda lost with all the kernel available for iMX6 ...

I don't find any note saying what is the kernel to use for iMX6...

I know this has been asked before however, I did not find a suitable answer.  Maybe if I ask is in different way..

There is so many git repository ...

->git:// (so many branch on it ...)

->git:// (so many branch on it ...)

->git:// (so many branch on it ...)


So, I have downloaded:

->buildroot.git - Automotive Buildroot Tree    2015.08-rc1_s32v234_0.6

Should I use the Linux from the auto git tree?

or from the Imx git?


How do I tell which is the most recent stable version?  Does _ga mean stable release?  Same question applies to u-boot.  Use the one in the auto get or the imx one?  I am building for an i.mx6sx Sabre SD.


Thanks for your help.

Randy Silagi