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TWR-KW24D512 Low Power Demo power consumption

Question asked by calebrust on Mar 22, 2016

I can’t get the TWR-KW24D512 demo board below ~210uA of current, any ideas?


I’m using the Low Power Demo (part of KW2xD_SMAC), and selecting MCU VLLS2, and Radio Hibernate, but power usage is above what I’d expect.  The firmware app implements a simple USB to serial terminal program (115200 baud)



I’m measuring current through two precision 1Ohm resistors I installed at R6 and R8. 


(R6=1Ohm) VdropR6 = 0.000050V. So the MCU is consuming 50uA

(R8=1Ohm) VdropR8 = 0.000160V. So the radio is consuming 160uA


Total = 210uA, over 10x what I expect!


…For resistor locations, see the schematic in Fig 3-9 of the TWR-KW2x reference manual


According to the Low-Power App note AN4857, the Radio should only consume ~1uA when in hibernate mode, and V_MCU should be 16.6-17.3uA while the MCU is in VLLS2.  It seems that there is a bug in the code, or some other source of power consumption. (Table 1 and Table 5)


In an effort to rule out a hardware problem, I tweaked the Low Power Demo firmware, and loaded it on my own KW2x board.  I’m experiencing very similar power consumption(250uA) in hibernate and VLLS2.  I believe there is some issue in the Low Power Demo source code?  I've attached the .srec file for anyone who might want to try it out on their TWR-KW24D512 board.

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