Jose Luis Caresani

MPR121 SET / CLEAR register bytes problems

Discussion created by Jose Luis Caresani on Mar 22, 2016

Hi, I bought a MPR121 breakout sensor. I have set the 4 touch sensors an 8 LEDs Outs on GPIO 4 to 11. GPIO 4 is bit b0 and GPIO 11 is b7, All works fine, I sent 0x0F to SET register (0x78) and 0xF0 to Clear Register (0x79) and I can see the proper leds ON and OFF (ELE4/LED0 to ELE7/LED3 high). But when I sent a 0x20 (0010000b) to SET register and 0xBF (11011111b) to the Clear register, I saw ELE/10LED6 HIGH (like 01000000b). By Other hand when I sent the values for 01000000b, I saw 00100000b. I have checked the wires a lot of times. It looks like LED 6 and LED 5 are changed from the DATA register to the real pin...Do you have any errata data sheet? Best regards.