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i.MX6Q ESIA connected to CS4244

Question asked by Tongliang sang on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by chandrashekhar V

Dear i.MX6Q supporting team,


Our design will use Cirrus Logic CS 4244 4In/4Out audio Codec.  We want to use i.MX6Q ESIA to connect CS4244. The connection is below for reference:

i.MX6Q                                                    CS4244

ESAI_RX_CLK(GPIO_1)  to                  SCLK (Serial Clock in/out)

EASI_RX_FS (GPO_9)     to                  FS/LRCK( Frame synchronization clock)

GPIO_0                            to                   MCLK

ESAI_TX5_RX0 (GPIO_8)      to            SDOUT1( Serial data output1 for A/D)

ESAI_TX4_RX1(GPIO_7)       to            SDOUT2( Serial data output2 for A/D)

ESAI_TX0(GPIO_17)          to                SDIN0(serail data input 1 for D/A)

ESAI_TX1(GPIO_18)          to                SDIN1(serail data input2 for D/A


My questions: Does this configuration work for both of CS4244 input/output? You know, for i.MX6 EASI side, this configuration has not ESAI_TX_CLK and ESAI_TX_FS clocks.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,