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lwip/ freertos multi-threading using KSDK2.0 and FRDM-K64F 

Question asked by Chad Williams on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Chad Williams

I have tested the udp_echo demo application within KSDK2.0 on a FRDM-K64F board and find it functions as expected.

this demo is normally located in the FRDM-K64F SDK at  \boards\frdmk64f\demo_apps\lwip\lwip_udpecho\freertos


I am now attempting multithreading with lwip by copying the udp_echo thread to make a second udp echo thread and binding it to a different port (50002). I have been unable to get both threads responding to udp packets.

From what I can see by setting breakpoints, the second thread to be created does not start and I have not determined the cause. I have tried setting the second thread to a higher priority, but that didn't resolve the issue.

If I create udpechothread#2 before udpechothread#1 , udpechothread#1 doesn't start, and vice versa.


From what I have read it should be feasible to run a second thread with lwip as the netconn layer allows it. I have not yet seen documentation or example code that would help to resolve the issue.


Is there something I need to alter in lwip_udpecho_freertos_frdmk64f/lwip/src/include/lwip/opt.h to allow multithreading?

Should I consider using a different TCP/IP stack?