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Usb touch device auto reset with imx 51 evk on wince 7

Question asked by 謝 端桂 on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by 謝 端桂

Dear all:

I have a usb touch device, I can update the hid report descriptor of it.


There are two hid report descriptors.

one with status, x, y, I call it A descriptor.

one with status, x, y, pressure, I call it B descriptor.


When I using touch device with A, it works fine.

If I use touch device with B, the WINCE 7 os will reset the device.


I test the usb touch device on windows 7, both of them works fine.

So I can make sure the firmware of the device is ok.


I trace the source code of imx 51 BSP under


The detach is from CFunction::HandleDetach, but I still unknow what happen.



Does any one know about this situation?



Thanks for your help.