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How to change volume on SGTL5000

Question asked by francoisrey on Mar 22, 2016
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I try to increase the volume on the headphone output manage by the SGTL5000.

This chip use two differents volume stage to output sound on the headphone.

The first CHIP_DAC_VOL 0x0010 and the second CHIP_ANA_HP_CTRL 0x0022.

These two registers has default value(at reset of the chip) which correspond to 0dB (0x3C3C to DAC_VOL and 0x1818 to HP_CTRL).

But when the drivers initialize this chip is write these value to -24dB (0x6C6C) to DAC_VOL and -20dB (0x4040) to HP_CTRL.

Is there a way to change these values from user space without using I2C_SLAVE_FORCE ?

I have written a software which changes these values but it use I2C_SLAVE_FORCE which is not very clean.