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mk22fn512 dac output

Question asked by Hugo Cavalaria on Mar 21, 2016
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I am new to K series processors and i selected "mk22fn512vlh12" 64 LQFP for a new project.


I need to have two independent DAC outputs besides at least two ADC inputs.


I have been reading several docs that says that this part has 2x DAC (12bit) however i can't find the pin of the second DAC output on the datasheet.


Reading the datasheet: "k22p121m120sf7.pdf" on page 63 table i see that DAC0 is on pin 18, but DAC1 is only on pin k4 of the (121BGA)  package, page 73, is this correct ? There isn't DAC1 output for 64LQFP package ?


I need to use a LQFP package, to have 2x DAC and 2x ADC, 2Uarts and SPI, RTC and 128k of flash is enough, i have FRDM-K22F for development, what would be the best part for my project ??


Thank you very much for your time and attention  

Hugo Nunes