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NAND issue on IMX53

Question asked by Ravi Kumar on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by igorpadykov

I have IMX53 based custom board with 4GB nand flash (micron 8bit width) and running 2.6.35 kernel freescale bsp. I have booted the board using sdcard and flashed u-boot, kernel to NAND flash.

I am getting "Bad data CRC" error while booting with NAND. When compared actual kernel image with nanddump kernel image, it was observed that last byte of every page was "FF" in the nanddump(if we flash kernel image multiple times then sometimes kernel image flashed properly to NAND).


When I flashed NAND from U-boot-2009.08(copied kernel image from SDcard to RAM and from RAM to NAND), this issue was not observed, always the data flashed correctly.



As per kernel config mxc_nd2.c driver was used. When compared NFC programmable registers of both U-boot and Kernel, only DMA_STATUS field of NFC_IPC register value is different and remaining register values are same.



When I compared NFC configuration of U-boot and kernel in mxc_nfc_init() function, in kernel symetric mode was enabled by default, I tried by disabling this but still same issue.



Can you guide me to debug this issue further.