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Question asked by Piotr Mazur on Mar 22, 2016
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Good afternoon,




We have made a transceiver project ( and got it ready for production lots of

months ago) based on TI company's product CC2538. Unfortunately,  up till

the  present moment we haven't been given the access to stack_u ZigBee IP

SE2.0 by TI. We would like to accomplish the project by replacing wireless

MCU from TI by the product available in Freescale/NXP.  Having in mind

mentioned above, we'd like to ask you for the following information :


1.       If NXP will continue to produce and further sell of  MCU Kinetis



2.       Since when stack ZigBee IP for MKW24D512V was made available by

Freescale/NXP? ( was it also for Kinetis series products?)


3.       Can Freescale/NXP offer us any Evaluation Boards, Demo Board & Kits

( MKW2x on board) with working stack ZigBee IP?


Above questions were asked based on the information contained in folders

describing MCU Kinetis series: "The Kinetis KW2xD wireless MCU provides a

low-power, compact integrated device for smart energy 1.x, home automation,

healthcare, and RF4CE, as well as the ZigBee IP network stack and the smart

energy 2.0 application profile.






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