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How do I convert an embedded C project file into a S19 file in Kinetis Design Studio ?

Question asked by Ganesh Ramachandran on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Carl Norman

I am a beginner to Embedded Systems. I am working on Freescale Kinetis E series controllers. I use Kinetis Design Studio IDE. I wrote a project to blink the LEDS in a customized board. Now I want to make it as a S19 file which I would load to my other project using Terminal Application. Is it possible ?

S-Record Generation with gcc for ARM/Kinetis | MCU on Eclipse

I found this link to be useful but it explains how its done in Code Warrior IDE. In the KDS IDE it is different I guess. Because in that link, it asks me to use Create Flash Image option under " Additional Options" in Code Warrior but there is no such option in Kinetis Design Studio. I don't even have "Additional options" under C/C++ build.. What shall I do ?