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imx6 widescreen on 3.14.52

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Mar 21, 2016
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I'm having an issue setting the resolution of a LVDS display to 1280*800 - Wide Screen. The kernel on our custom board is fsl-release-bsp and Jethro version 3.14.52 (duallite).


My research shows that this version should use panel=LDB-WXGA and not the boot-args but neither way actually works. Halting uboot shows "unsupported panel LDB-WXGA" question is how and what can I do to get my screen found at the corrent resoultion? The default Hannstar is fine but the last 1/4 is scrambed on this screen.


Also does the device tree have to find this display via an i2c probe or can I simply adjust the resoultion to 1280*800 somewhere using the defult Hannstar driver? Can somebody explain this boot procedure for the 3.14.52 kernel?