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Yocto hung on my customized imx6-sabrelite board

Question asked by Damien Huang on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by igorpadykov


I am using a customized imx6-sabrelite board, I created a yocto SD card with image from Since the board is a customized one, so I replaced the "imx6q-sabrelite.dtb" file with the one that I used for my Lollipop5.0.0 development (this dtb file worked no problem with Lollipop5.0.0 image from boundary). I also modified the "6x_bootscript" to as attached "6x_bootscript.wip.txt" and then burn it into SD with the mkimage command.


But the machine hung when I using this SD card to boot.


The screen of the machine stayed with the "yocto project" logo, and the console output is attached in "youctoboot.txt". Can someone shed some lights on what happened?




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