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10G performance on LS1043ARDB-PB

Question asked by kevin kymdell on Mar 20, 2016
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I have a new (stock) LS1043ARDB-PB dev kit which I am using to test the LS1043A 10Gbe performance.


As a simple out-of-the-box test I connected a 10Gbe NIC on a linux host to the LS1043ARDB-PB using a cat6 cable and ran the iperf server/client applications on the LS1043ARDB-PB and host respectively.


The maximum throughput was measured at: 1.6Gbits/sec.


Changing the MTU of the interface(s) to 9000 using u-boot bootargs had no discernible affect.


A similar test between two linux hosts using the same hardware (NIC + cat6) cable produced ~8.34 8 Gbits/sec with the MTU set to 1500 and 9.88Gbits/sec with the MTU set to 9000.


Given this is a 10Gbe port the performance seems low.  Is there something obvious that can be done to improve this performance?