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Conflicting pins on TWR-K65 and TWR-LCD?

Question asked by Bastien JAUNY on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Fang Li



I'm using a TWR-K65F180M board, with TWR-ELEV and a TWR-LCD. I've successfully managed to display something on the screen using the FlexBus interface, base one the AN5095 but when I try to use the touchscreen signals, my display is ruined.


There seems to be a conflict on the pins used. I setup the SW5 to have access to the 4 GPIOs of the TWR-LCD touch, that are mapped to the PTC3, PTA6, PTE24 and PTE25 of the TWR-K65F180M. But the PTA6 is already used as the CLKOUT for the SDRAM controller.


Is there anything I'm missing? Am I forced to use the SPI interface for my display if I want to also use the touchscreen?


Thanks in advance!