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How to program the FLASH of an old HC16 (MC68HC916Y3)

Question asked by Paulo Louro on Mar 20, 2016

This is probably not the right place to place this question, but maybe someone with knowledge of the old HC16 can share some light.


I got an old PCB with alot of relays and digital inputs i will like to reuse for a DIY project. I have managed to use an arduino to implement the BDM interface using the SPI port, I can also dump all the FLASH to a file and using a HEX viewer i can see the original program inside the MCU and even some text. My next step was to try to write to the MCU FLASH, i have 12V applied to the Vfpe1/2 pins to supply the EEPROM with the programming voltage. And i can send to the MCU the WPMEM command followed by the bank, address and 16 bit data to write. But when i read back the same address location the original value is returned. I'm sending the write command exactly was explained in the CPU16RM but so far i havent had any luck.


If i try to write something into the Data space i can read it back and the value is exactly the one i wrote previously.


Using RPMEM and WPMEM for Program space and RDMEM and  WDMEM for Data space.


BDM interface CPU16RM -…