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Getting error while uploading u-boot and rootfs using Mfgtool

Question asked by Bhavesh Patel on Mar 18, 2016



I have compiled kernel linux-, imx-bootlets-src- and uboot (do not know version but was Read me pointing might be 2009-11) on ubuntu 14.04 32-bit.

Compilation is successful and it is generating all required files and copied to Mfgtool directory.


After I try to upload NAND u-boot using Mfgtool and getting error (Attached). Than when I try to revet with the one supplied in Mfgtool zip file it is not at all starting.


While compiling Bootloader for imx bootlets, in logs it is printing as below

#@echo "generating kernel bootstream file sd_mmc_bootstream.raw"

#Please use cfimager to burn The below way will no

#work at imx28 platform.

#rm -f sd_mmc_bootstream.raw

#dd if=/dev/zero of=sd_mmc_bootstream.raw bs=512 count=4

#dd of=sd_mmc_bootstream.raw ibs=512 seek=4 \


To install bootstream onto SD/MMC card, type: sudo dd if=sd_mmc_bootstream.raw of=/dev/sdXY where X is the correct letter for your sd or mmc device (to check, do a ls /dev/sd*) and Y is the partition number for the bootstream


Does this mean Mfgtool will not upload Kernel and Bootloader in NAND via USB but these files have to be saved in SD card and than have to update in NAND Flash?




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