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How to enable csc ipu stage in imx6 for brightness, contrast, hue changes

Question asked by chandrasekhar mattaparthy on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by rogeriopimentel

Hi all,


According to iMX6Q display adjustment  link able to see test application code to change csc matrix values. But actually i didn't see any effect on my imx6q-sabresd lcd touch panel. So my understanding this test application only gives csc matrix values but not reflected to driver side of csc ipu. So my exact question is how to enable csc ipu driver in kernel level to test application for changing brightness, contrast and hue etc.....


And my another doubt......Is imx6q sabresd board support to change brightness, contrast and hue values?

If yes means solution is through csc test application(imx_csc.c). But this is not reflecting into my sabresd board.


Whether I have to do extra setup or Whether I have to enable extra drivers because im very new to csc ipu unit..


Thanks in advance