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How to use Single CRC crcu with sec engine 3.3 at platform P1020?

Question asked by quanli wang on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Serguei Podiatchev


  I am using crcu with sec engine 3.3 at platform P1020 and I have a question, see the following.

  Accoring to the doc 'AN3645.pdf' (SEC 2/3x Descriptor Programmer’s Guide), &3.2 Descriptor Type 0001_0: common_nonsnoop (P20 ), see Single CRC at Table 12, there are 4 items:

1. 'Primary EU Context In' at L1

2. 'Data In ' at L3

3. 'CRC In' at E4

4. 'CRC Out' at L5

I don't clear what these words means.

When I do crc, I use 3 items as input and get 1 output.

3 input-items include: input-data, polynomial, and init-crc-in

1 outpu item: crc-out, as result


What's the relation between them?

Could you please give a detail about 4 items about Single CRC in  'AN3645.pdf'.

Also, what's the difference using Outbound or Inbound to do single crc ?