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K20 pin mux tool?

Question asked by Rick Hille on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

I have a K20 design using the WS package and need to move some IO pins around to avoid crossing a costly PCB technology threshold.  I've checked NXP support forum, which led me to the Kinetis Expert SDK page, but the Tools tab on the latter has the Pins tool selection grayed out with only the Power tool selector available.  Any idea when a Pins tool would be available?  I've previously used the Pin Mux utility for an iMX6 design and found it to be a critically important step in defining the IO peripheral selection and resulting pinout.


The K20 is a much simpler beast than iMX6 and can be configured by hand, but it would a good validation step to run manually determined IO pin selections through an Expert tool in case there's some interactions/exclusivities that I may have missed.  Given the significant layout effort needed for this package type, we'd like to be sure the pinout is solid and won't need to change after layout is completed and PCB ordered.