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MK60FX512VLQ12 - Heat problem

Question asked by Mattias Rygert on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by vicentegomez


We use the MK60FX512VLQ12 in a couple of different applications.

In one application we have got a problem with that the MK60FX512VLQ12 hangs and the temperature starts to rise.


It is during testing in the EMC lab that we get this problem.

We have a design that uses 230VAC, and converts this to +24VDC and the converts +24VDC to +3.3VDC.

When applying a transient burst (4kV) on the 230VAC supply we can get the CPU to hang.

It may reset and start to boot up again but it seems that the ethernet interface is still stuck and when measuring the temperature with an IR thermometer we can see the temperature starts to rise quickly on the CPU.

When we remove the ethernet cable before applying the 4kV burst sequence, we can not get the same phenomena.


So it seems as if the burst finds it´s way into the board and propagates out via the ethernet cable and somehow gets the CPU to get stuck in a very bad mode, since it is getting warm. When in this mode, it does not help to assert the RESET_N signal via a Push button, it only helps to power down the board and then power it back up.


Does anyone have any idea or suggestions of how to troubleshoot this issue. Ifeel like I have been testing everything for the last couple of weeks. So I am grateful for any suggestions and maybe if somebody else has seen the same kind of behaviour.