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Ftm problem with k12d ucontroller

Question asked by Matteo Civale on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Matteo Civale

Hello to everyone,

i have a strange problem with a kinetis k12d microcontrollers,  i'm  trying to configure   FTM0 peripherals with a desiderate frequency of 1kHz, to check correct frequency settings  i toggle a pin in the FTM0 interrupt function and see it with oscilloscope. the result is a wrong frequency of 135 kHz, this may be due to wrong settings of MOD and PRESCALER register  but i noted that if i change them the frequency result don't change  the output frequency looks like indipendent of MOD and PRESCALER settings. I set the FTM0 as follow:




  FTM0_MOD= 10000 - 1;


                       FTM_SC_PS(0) | FTM_SC_TOIE_MASK;


I set the bus frequency to 25 Mhz

have someone some idea about the problem ?

thank you