MAG3110 output values

Discussion created by Nicolas DECROZE on Mar 17, 2016
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I try to use MAG3110 sensor with an arduino due board.

I have a question about the output values and the link with RAW bit in crtl_reg2.


My configuration :

     crtl_reg1 = 0xC9

     OFF_X register = 0x00

     OFF_Y register = 0x00

     OFF_Z register = 0x00


When i "test" with a small magnet i have :


  • If RAW bit is 1 (ctrl_reg2 = 0xA0), the output values i have are between -32768 LSB and +32767 LSB.
  • If RAW bit is 0 (ctrl_reg2 = 0x80) the output values i have are still between -32768 LSB and +32767 LSB.


I don't really understand what is the effect of RAW bit...


When RAW bit is 1, the output values souldn't be between -20000 LSB and +20000 LSB?


Many thanks for help.