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PAN4555 (MC13213) Evaluation

Discussion created by Steven Nickels on Feb 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2009 by Marco Olivares
I've been struggling with evaluation of the Panasonic PAN4555 module (contains the Freescale MC13213).
Here's my setup:
(1) 13192-EVB programmed with the wireless UART demo code (when my 13192SARD is programmed with the same code I get data transfer between the two).
(1) PAN4555-ETU w/ hand soldered wires to 6-pin BDM header, 3.0V bench power supply - I used BeeKit to generate the wireless UART demo code for the MC13213SRB (no bootloader) and then used CodeWarrior to do the import, as instructed in the documentation.  Then I went into the /drivers/MC13213XSRB.c file and changed the write for the 0x07 register from 0x4C00 to 0x5C00 so that it uses the internal antenna switch.  I used the PE Multilink to program and debug the code.  (I could describe exactly what I see, but for now I just want to see if I'm on the right track rather than debugging a situation while being on the wrong track).
After many hours of searching this forum and reading the application notes it seems like the BeeKit is great (and I use that term loosely) if you are working with the Freescale development boards.  I believe it assumes that the bootloader + the NVRAM settings are already on your hardware (OK, if you are truly using the MC13213SRB, but the documentation gives very little support for migrating to your own hardware).  I'm not sure if I really need the NVRAM settings - I know you need them for 802.14.5, but perhaps not for SMAC.
So here's my question.  First, am I on the right track?  Second, do I need to "bring in" the NVRAM code? 
Please note: I am using the SMAC codebase, not the 802.14.5 and not the BeeStack, so be careful what you recommed since the code is significantly different in how registers are written and what #define's are used.
BTW: the full datasheet for the PAN4555 isn't exactly easy to find, so for anyone who runs across this message and has been looking for more than just the two-pager, go to and look through the links at the bottom of the page.