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Changings in the hex file

Question asked by Vla Di on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by ZhangJennie



I made some unit tests in the SW using some sections with

#ifdef UNIT_TEST

      <test variables 1>;

      <test variables 2>;

      <test variables 3>;

#endif /* UNIT_TEST */


After building the HEX file (in s19 format), there are changes in it, which are not allowed. The define UNIT_TEST is used only in the test Tool.

I presume that, this define is not accepted (but the test section is) from CodeWarrior and CW generates code.

The memory map is new generated but also not changed (there is no any build date in it) even some SW changes are made.

I use CodeWarrior for MCU, Version: 10.6, Build Id:140329 for microcontroller HCS08. No other changes in the framework or in the project are performed.