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How to handle different Thread networks?

Question asked by Michele Agostini on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by Bill Krakar

Good morning all,

i'm new on the world of the IoT and i'm just getting started with Thread. I saw a lot of chances using thread and so i started to look around. Then i got my first doubt: how to handle different Thread networks?


All i read always talk about a Thread network, i never found talking about different Thread networks collaborate eachothers.

For example:

  • different thread networks, how can i go from one to another and go back?  (roaming from one to another).
  • commisioning e decommisoining in thread from a network (to another?)
  • if we have a node that has both radio and bluetooth, can we use both of them? can we use for example bluetooth to analyse other networks (or gateways) and if they are stronger say to them “hey, i’ll come to you”, and then use the radio to connect to them?
  • if we have more than one thread networks close, are there intereferences? how to thread manage to have close networks?

I know maybe these could be stupid questions, i tried to find answers but i didn't.

I hope that i did not misuse the community, possibly just let me know and i'll modify everything i'll need.

Thank you to anyone will give me some time