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How to retreive the account with which a product was registered ?

Question asked by Nicolas DALSTEIN on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Nicolas DALSTEIN

I have several dongles with licence files, but I don't know (or It has been lost) with which account it has been registered.

The product are the follwing :

Dongle ID : FLEXID = 9-0C097C35    Product : CWS-H12-STDED-CX  Licence : FSL-13d9-3f41-16a8-7d18-ec77-5c

Dongle ID : FLEXID = 9-37B28B01Product : CWS-H12-STDED-CX  Licence : FSL-13d9-3f41-16a8-7d18-ec77-56
Dongle ID : FLEXID = 9-17A5286AProduct : CWS-H12-STDED-CX  Licence : FSL-13d9-3f41-192a-0776-3277-95
Dongle ID : FLEXID = 9-3CD531D1Product : ????                               Licence : FSL-13d9-3f41-192a-0776-3277-95


Can you give a way to retreive information data, licencing on all this products ?


Thank you.

Dongle ID : FLEXID = 9-37B28B01