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UART0 Rx is paused (MKL16)

Question asked by Stefan Brehm on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Hello, I'm using a MKL16 in my application. I have following problem. I use the UART0 and the communication works normally fine. But the problem is, that somtimes the Rx communications is paused. It seems that the Rx doesnt't work and no data can received from the MKL16. After a not defined time the communication works again. Is there a probleme knwon with the UART hardwardware in silicon (I found no Errata) or with the UART configuration which have this effect.


- I use no power safe modes (like sleep,...)

- Baudrate 115200

- UART0 ISR priority is the highest

- RTOS Keil rtx