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Getting data out of the zigbee network

Question asked by KOUSIK BARATHWAJ on Mar 16, 2016

I am using two JN5168 nxp's zigbee module one as coordinator and other as end-node. We are not using any specific profiles and clusters since we have only one value to be communicated. We are using the sample application template from NXP that implements the functionality of coordinator and end-node for initializing, starting and joining the network. We are using NXP zigbee pro API's in the end-node for unicasting the sensor value residing on the end-node to the coordinator. We are using respective API's in the coordinator to receive and decode the value. The value in the coordinator has to be used in the linux host. Coordinator is connected to the host through usb. How can i fetch the data from the coordinator to the linux machine?.  Is there any standard protocols available? . Please help me to resolve the issue.