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Seek help for the SCI module for NE64

Discussion created by Jonah Lam on Feb 21, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by colin howard
I am making a program that receive bytes from the SCI interface and transmit it by the ehternet
The bytes from the SCI interface is very large so that it is not possible to buffer all of them.

Right now, I am coming to a solution that use a circular buffer of reasomable size and use it to buffer the data. after that, use the OpenTCP module to transmit the byte.

The program work fine when the byte from SCI is transmitted one by one.
However, some byte would miss when I try to send a lot of data through the SCI.

Right now, the receiveing of byte from SCI module is by Receiver Full Interrupt, and the protocol I am using is TCP protocol.

Any one can give me some hints about the problem?
Thank You