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About Audio Codec (SGTL5000)

Question asked by okamoto satoshi on Mar 15, 2016
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I want to check about Audio Codec.

use device:SGTL5000XNAA3


Connection of the power supply are shown in the following.

PMIC(MMPF0200)                Audio Codec(SGTL5000XNAA3)

VGEN4(1.8V)           --->      VDDIO

VGEN4(1.8V)           --->      VDDD

SW2(3.3V)                --->      VDDA


VGEN4 power is about 2.6V When you work the audio codec.

Before working the audio codec, VGEN power holds the 1.8V.


What you want to check is the following three points.

1.VDDIO and VDDA is no issue even if a different voltage?

2.Do you need something set in order to supply the 1.8V from the outside to the VDDD?

 (For example, the setting of the audio codec) is considered that is affected the VDDIO power supply due to  for the setting of the register?