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Possibly a simple calc error? P82B715

Question asked by Daniel Burgess on Mar 15, 2016

I have a question about something on the datasheet for P82B715, link provided below.


On page 7 it says:

"In this example that is 1 kΩ || 10 kΩ || 10 kΩ = 833 Ω. For a 5.5 V supply and 0.4 V LOW, that means the buffer is sinking 16.3 mA."

I cannot see how 16.3mA was calculated. Using V=IR, to calculate current, I=V/R, 5V/833Ω = 6.1mA <- that's what I get.


Can someone help out here? Is this a typo or is my math off?


Please and thanks.