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IMX6Q's UART work on trustzone(Trust and N-Trust)

Question asked by jiongzhong liu on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by jiongzhong liu

I use IMX6Q's trustzone function. I want to ust UART4 to print my debug information in bothe Trust and N-Trust world.How do I do to  configure the UART4,so that UART4 can be used in both T and NT world.The Following is my code to config the CSU and AIPS. but UART4 can only print information form Trust world. Is it other regisgers I shoud configuration?


#define REG(x) (*((volatile unsigned int *)(x)))

#define CSU_BASE             0x021c0000   /*csu base address*/

#define CSU_CSL35           0x8c

#define AIPSIZ2_MPR         0x0217c000

#define AIPSIZ2_OPACR3  0x0217C04C

void csu_init()


    uint32_t val;

    REG(AIPSIZ2_MPR) = 0xF7000000;

    val = REG(AIPSIZ2_OPACR3);

    val &= 0xffff0fff;

    REG(AIPSIZ2_OPACR3) = val;

    REG(CSU_BASE + CSU_CSL35) = 0x00ff00fff;